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Hope Revealed Issue 0019 Anything Is Possible

Hope Revealed Issue 0019 Anything Is Possible

March 24, 2019

3 little words. However, these 3 little words can mean so many different things! Join Matt on this episode of Hope Revealed to talk about Anything Is Possible. This is the first dual purpose podcast that is also available with full video on our YouTube channel if you'd like to watch some of the scenes as well. Matt also promised a FREE DOWNLOAD in this episode and that can be found at our blog located at: FREE DOWNLOAD

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Hope Revealed Issue 0018 Intimacy

Hope Revealed Issue 0018 Intimacy

February 12, 2019

Ever heard things like:

You're going to have transformation in your life.

Scale up your living.

You need more intimacy in relationships. On this Valentines Day week (here in the USA) when we celebrate relationships and love, Matt dives in a bit more to help you gain access to some valuable information in your life and the relationships that are in it. 

What is all that about and how does it apply to your life? Listen today as Matt unpacks some words and some ways to experience your life in a much friendlier and happier way, even when crazy people are all around you!

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Hope Revealed Issue 0017 How Not To Quit

Hope Revealed Issue 0017 How Not To Quit

December 5, 2018

Here is a tough reality: Not giving up is a mindset. And it’s a mindset that you CAN adopt. It may not be exactly what you want at the time, but it is an essential part to success.

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Hope Revealed Issue 0016 Whose Judging?

Hope Revealed Issue 0016 Whose Judging?

October 25, 2018
Judging makes life more difficult and interferes with your wellbeing. You end up creating pain and suffering that isn’t necessary. You miss out on the good and positive qualities in others and in yourself.
Today's podcast exposes the internal issues of judging while providing internal freedom of the same! Tune in to today's podcast WHOSE JUDGING.
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Hope Revealed Issue 0015 WHY?!

Hope Revealed Issue 0015 WHY?!

October 2, 2018


It is a question asked by so many people and the answer is usually one that is not good enough… the question is WHY?
Why did this happen? Why is my life like this? If #GodsGotThis so much then WHY could a God of love allow something like this to happen??
Hope Revealed Issue 0014 How To Stay Inspired

Hope Revealed Issue 0014 How To Stay Inspired

September 12, 2018
Changing your mindset is the best way to assure that you will be successful in all your attempts.  Changing how your mind thinks sounds pretty easy…. but it requires work.   It is easy to allow the mind wander and worry, but the person who can bridle their own mind has incredible opportunities ahead in life. Tune in this week to learn 10 steps to help stay inspired. Join our mailing list at www.godsgotthis.love for resources, help and hope each week just for you!
Hope Revealed Issue 0013 Transformation Infatuation

Hope Revealed Issue 0013 Transformation Infatuation

August 28, 2018

So, how can a person find a place of transformation and be confident it is the correct one and one that can be maintained? Good question. Especially when there are literally thousands of requests for your attention to their solution. Tune in today for an episode called TRANSFORMATION INFATUATION. In a culture of so many ways people want transformation, is it a lasting transformation? Also there is a special offer today, make sure you listen for the details! 

*Referece to Courtney Ackerman from an article she wrote on positivepsychologyprogram.com

  entitiled What is Self-Acceptance? 25 Exercises + Definition and Quotes

*Music by Scott Holmes Achieve Your Goals.

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Hope Revealed Issue 0012 AN ALMOST LOVE Special Story Edition

Hope Revealed Issue 0012 AN ALMOST LOVE Special Story Edition

August 22, 2018

Go back to 1944 in a short story Matt wrote this week for a special theme called An Almost Love. You'll be taken back to the little Italian village where Alfonso is looking for an enemy officer called Colonel. You'll soon see that Alfonso finds much more than he expected, he will soon find AN ALMOST LOVE.

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Hope Revealed Issue 0011 SOMETHING BIG

Hope Revealed Issue 0011 SOMETHING BIG

August 14, 2018

You see, a person doesn’t have to have the pre-requisite of being famous to be SOMETHING BIG! Today, let’s talk about the next biggest thing here on planet earth. This person may not be currently watched by Fox or CNN or CNBC or MTV or TMZ, but is being watched by G-O-D! Yes the person I am talking about, the one who is really SOMETHING BIG… is YOU!!!!


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Hope Revealed Issue 0010 The Bottom Floor

Hope Revealed Issue 0010 The Bottom Floor

August 7, 2018
If you don't dig deep, you'll never be able to build a solid foundation needed to live the life and legacy you really want.
Once you dig down deep you'll find that core that you can build on, creating a massive and strong bottom floor before you will ever get to the next step. That is to build from your foundation floor by floor with the principles and habits that will help you soar to that penthouse view! Join Matt today as he talks about THE BOTTOM FLOOR and how we can learn to be a bit more focused on what happens at the foundation before we get all jazzed up about climbing the ladder of success. Please join our #GodsGotThis Community at our Facebook Group page, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube as well as iTunes! Please help us by liking today's show and making a comment here at the podcast site. It will help us to get the word out and we hope that it is a blessing.. TO YOU! #GodsGotThis